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Camp Green Hat


The first round of the summer camp “Green hat” is in progress. Regardless of the weather and the sudden cold, the camp’s children enjoy socializing, workshops and fun evenings. With its work in the past six years and nine camps held, the summer camp “Green hat” has become a recognizable brand in this area, so all places are reserved in advance by early 2018. This year we have three rounds. The first one started this week, while the second one is on seventh of the month and the third at the beginning of August. The accommodation of the camp is in apartments «Horse ranch Blidinje.»
The summer camp “Green hat” organizes active holidays for children ages 8 to 15. This year the camp is held in Blidinje Nature Park, in the beautiful Masna Luka valley, surrounded by the mountain peaks of Čvrsnica and Vran. For six years, “Green hat” shows that learning does not have to be boring and tedious, all with fun and entertainment. Children are quick to adapt and feel that playing in nature is more beautiful than the one on the laptop and that the internet can not replace the true friendships which can be experienced at the camp. The goal is to teach children the importance of preserving nature and returning to the precious values without TV and cell phones, at least during summer holidays.

As part of an active holiday, there is also a small English language school. Communication is inspired by a multitude of diverse activities, such as English quizzes and games, which are dynamic, creative, and entertaining. Innovative and entertaining learning was contributed by the large engagement of the head of the camp, professor of the English language of Vladimir Mikulić – Vave who invested the maximum energy in this project. He has organized a workshop for the adventurist “Indiana Jones,” for which he made bows and arrows himself. Within the workshop, there is shooting, fishing on Blidinje Lake and a treasure hunt. Professor Vava teaches children the English language in a particular way which he has been using for a long time in school and on courses. Together with the other leaders, he tries to show the magical world of growing up with simple and forgotten games: sports disciplines, an evening with guitar and campfire, and the star-watching charm from the places where they look so close.

With a small English language school, we also have a small school of nature and science. Young scientists, Iva Mikulić and Lucija Čotić, try to bring science closer to children through interesting workshops and experiments. Katarina Bošnjak, a physiotherapist, is organizing first aid course and taking care of health. For the sports section and all the extra care of the children is in charge of prof. Sports Igor Jelić. These people, enthusiasts first and foremost, are trying to teach children how to appreciate friendship and tolerance, and how important it is to keep the environment in which we live. Caring for children is led by five leaders and several volunteers at all times. Special thanks to our longtime volunteer Ivan Aleksić.

Throughout the past few years, children from all over the world have passed through this Summer Camp. Great friendships and some small sympathies were born. Also, this year we expect children from all over, mostly from western Herzegovina and Mostar. They also come from Split, Zagreb, Zadar, and Dubrovnik, and even from our diaspora, i.e., from Germany, Italy, France, and America. We have incorporated healthy food into our program. Children every day drink homemade milk from pastures from Čvrsnica, much greenery in smoothies and cooked. This is important because we are aware that these are new generations that have grown up in fast food. Each day, children eat cooked meals and homemade cakes, which are lovingly prepared by our valuable chefs.
“We try to teach children how to save water, sort waste … Every year we add something new to an already extensive program”, says Maja Mikulić, president of the Association.
Location is carefully selected. This magnificent mountain is embedded in our hearts, and we want to present it in its best edition, preserved from the consumer world.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish ate, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”