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Climb to Maglić

Along the border with Montenegro, there is a mountain Maglić, the highest peak of BiH with its 2386 meters height. Our trip to this mountain started early in the morning, and after a long drive and the occasional shopping for a two-day hike we start moving uphill, so we’re on a brisk climb to the cords early in the afternoon.
Along the way, we visit the nearby Montenegro Maglić, located in Montenegro and higher by a meter of BiH’s Maglić. After the meal, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains of BiH and Montenegro, we descend to the foothills of Lokva Dernečište plateau where we set tents and spend a fun evening in nature, with fire, and barbecue.

The next morning afte the preparation of coffee and packing, we will go to Prijevor with cars, from where our other tour starts – a trip to Montenegro to the famous Trnovačko Lake. The hiking trail leads us through the famous Perućica rainforest, in the valley between Maglić and Volujka, from where we climb to the very lake, which is part of the Montenegrin Nature Park of Piva. Trnovačko Lake is heart-shaped, hidden in the mountaintops, is truly beautiful and magical, as you can see in the pictures of this beautiful and overwhelmingly impressive two-day tour.