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Climb to Vilinac “Ćurdina staza” – 2018.

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, we organized a memorial climb at Veliki Vilinac “Ćurdinom stazom” in the memory of the deceased member of our society, Zvonimir Ćurda. Departure is in front of the motel Hajdučka at 8:00 am, so everyone who wants to drink coffee should come earlier. Upon returning from the ascent in the mountain hut at the Masna Luka, participants will be able to eat prepared goulash. The “Ćurdina staza” trail starts at the Krš cemetery at Risovac, climbs to the forest below the Polica and leads through the lake, M. Vilinca to V. Vilinc at 2118 m.

Here’s more information for those who are going for the first time: Ascent to Vilinac slower pace lasts about 5 hours, and the descent is 4 hours long and moderate. Those with poorer conditions can go a shortened route to Sedla and back (in total 5 hours). Take a sufficient amount of water and food with you, and clothing and footwear suitable for rain and colder conditions (depends on the forecast). Please, everyone who will participate, confirm your attendance by Saturday for better organization. This way we invite all our members, friends and all mountain lovers to join us, regardless of whether they are members of society or not, is stated on the official website of HPD Pločno.