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Climb to Zelena Glava from Tisovica

A relatively small amount of people had the opportunity to see Tisovica, a beautiful valley hidden in the heart of Prenj. Although there is a macadam road, few decided for an hour and a half long climbing through the forests of northern Prenj.

But whoever comes, as we do, is rewarded with unusual scenes that you can see in the pictures. However, our goal is not just Tisovica, so we start on three-hour hiking to the highest peak of Prenj, Zelena Glava with 2155 meters of height. The trail through Vrutka passes through the mined areas so it was worth cautioning. Morning clouds drawn to the peaks soon were dispersed by a stronger and colder bora, which created problems to us as well when climbing with ropes set because of frozen hands. Despite the strong and cold storm we enjoyed this tour of the raw Prenj.

Source: Portal HPD Pločno Posušje.