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Cycling race “Posuški đir (Posušje’s ride)

This Sunday, if someone on the side was in Posušje, he could be surprised if he saw a bunch of cyclists in the colony passing through our town. It was due to the cycling race “Posuški đir” which took a place. Despite the rain, which again postponed the start of the race for about 20 minutes this year, about 150 participants enjoyed a 10km recreational ride. By organizing this race in the first year, we did not have the expectation that it will grow into a tradition. It can be noticed that people are very interested in such events. They want to hang out, talk, hear something interesting. “We are glad we have contributed to this bike at least”, one of the organizers said. This is the fifth free cycling race organized by Cycling club “Pony” Posušje which is held as part of the cultural entertainment and sports event “Posuško lito (Summer in Posušje)” in 2018 together with another thirty events. Cyclists of all generations gathered at the Croatian War Veterans Square where there was a scheduled gathering and the start of the race. The youngest ones had a shortened trail, but the vast majority of them decided and successfully did an one hour ride made for the older ones. The youngest participant had only one year. Every praise for the organization of race.

“I’m a participant since the first year and I can hardly wait for the next race. Mostly for socializing and having fun with other friends”, one of the participants said. The race was secured and followed by police, the bike club “PONY” and the medical workers from the Posušje Health Center. Everything passed well without any issues. Upon return, refreshments are organized in the form of water, fruit, chocolate milk, ice cream, bean dishes, and ćevapi. And with these, the impressions were more than positive, both by the participants and the observers on the side. All these years, the vision was to improve the personal cycling as well as to work on the development and affirmation of recreational cycling. “Judging by the enthusiasm and responsiveness of cyclists we do not doubt that the goal is achieved” organizers pointed out. Also thanks to all the sponsors: Posušje Municipality, Lav, Mivika, Viza Trans, Meggle, Binvest, Šišović, Ade, Branck Caffe, Caffe Petica, Sablje Universal, Šele, Divine, Caffe bar Calispo, Mipolu, Algida, Olija, Digitrend, Kredis, Vamanta, Prevent, Montana and the media sponsor Radio Posuđje. In the end, we add that among the bicyclists many wore Croatian jerseys, and this way they wanted to wish a lot of success and happiness for the Croatian soccer team at the eighth-finals at the Russia World Cup against Denmark.