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Days of golf in Posušje

Days of golf in Posušje: On August 11 at the Topala golf course, the largest tournament in the region -Stone, karst and olives is played.

The double champion of BiH Golf Club Posušje during July and August has a solid schedule of tournaments. Among them are two matches which are played during Posušje summer 2018 Herzegovina open. One was played last Saturday, where Mladen Mušura won the title from Split, a member of the GC Posušje. For August 11, the tournament Stone, karst and olive are scheduled. 72 players are planned to come to the tournament from Canada, Australia, America, Austria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and of course Croatia and Bosnia, which makes this tournament the largest in the region according to the number of players reported and the countries they come from.
Regarding a large number of players, the tournament will start early in the morning so that the first golfers will be on the field by 8:30 am, with the first tournament beginning at 9:00 am, and the second at 3:30 pm. The end of the tournament is expected to be around 8 pm, after which the party and socializing will take place.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, except in Posušje, there are only two golf courses in Sarajevo and Zavidovići with six holes. The nine-hole terrain in Posušje is the largest in the country and is further expanded with the new PAR 5 hole, where the distance from the hump to the hole is 450m, making it the best terrain in BiH.
This Friday, the road paving has been completed, which has long been in the plan, President of the club Veljko Loncar told us, who called on everyone interested in coming and watching tomorrow’s tournament. Golf, as well as every other sport, has its own rules, one of them is the absolute silence during the game, but the, of course, the audience is invited.
This Friday, besides members of GC Posušje, our guests were Mario Perić from Kiseljak, Žarko Romić, Tiho Parlov, who, together with Mladen Mušura and Ivan Lončar, are winning team at the BiH Championship. Everyone agreed to evaluate how much fellowship and teamwork is important in this sport. They also stressed the need to include as many younger players as possible in the club for the future and development of this sport in our country. We should point out that another tournament will be played in Topal during August. It is a CUP of BiH which will be played on 25 August and is awarded for MASTERS.