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European years of Cultural Heritage in Nature park Blidinje

As part of the celebration of the European years of Cultural Heritage in Nature park Blidinje on the 7th of July organizes a running marathon, recreational cycling and recreational walking on the paths that connect the medieval necropolises of stećak tombstones.
Mountaineers, athletes, marathonists, cyclists, recreationalists and friends, who are in love with the cultural-historical and natural heritage of the Blidinje Nature Park, are invited to the event, and the organizer also offers rich prizes.

The top prize for the fastest marathonist is 1000 BAM the second place is 500 BAM while the third prize is 300 BAM. The marathon route starts in front of the Barzonja necropolis, following the main road along Blidinjsko Lake towards the Risovac necropolis, the macadam to the necropolis Ponor (Brčanj), followed by UNESCO’s monument Dugo Polje necropolis and further to the Mountain house “Orlova stina” where the prizes will be awarded and the joint gathering of all event participants with suitable reception.
During the marathon runners and cyclists in the official premises of the Nature park Blidinje administrative building, a round table of archaeologists from institutions dealing with protection and study of cultural and historical heritage will be held, the organizers announced.
This event was supported by the Government of West Herzegovina Canton.