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GOLF: Herzegovina open

The 7th Herzegovina open-ended. We got our seventh winner of this tournament. Until now, no one has won the tournament twice, which is not odd considering yesterday’s competition. 29 players from Split, Zagreb, Slovenia, Austria played. Everything was magnified by Mr. Urban Legat, the teacher of our many golfers. In a pronouncedly strong competition, eight players with a single handicap, it was immediately known that a win would need a top score, many said at least “zero” and maybe “minus.”
Also, that is exactly what happened. The winner of the tournament Mladen Musura played -2, 38 brutto, second place went to Austrian Alexander Kopp, who played “zero,” 36 brutto, and third Marko Robic with 33 brutto as well as Frano Marincic. Best in netto were Bornis Vincic, Mate Galic and Ante Kolobaric.
We congratulate Najda Bauk for the participants but not for the result.
This was only a warmup for the 11th of August when the biggest tournament in the region is scheduled Stone, Karst, and Olive.
Applications are in progress, and the number of players is limited.

Golf club Posusje.