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Golf players from Posušje defended the title of the champion of BiH

The Posušje Golf Club does not allow any surprises when the Golf League is concerned. The only one shot decided on the BiH champion, and we will never find out what or whose was it, but it does not matter either. Finally, in Sarajevo, the captain of the team from Posušje Tiho Parlov played an excellent round and did not cram down the pressure on the last holes of the previous round, which also brought the final result over the Sarajevo team.
GC Posušje team seemed to have a significant advantage before coming to Sarajevo. Bad weather on Saturday was somehow on the hands of the Posušja team, but on Sunday it could all be different. The biggest culprit for GC Posušje not returning the cup in Posušje could be Mahir Kadrić, who on the second day in Sarajevo played a great round of golf, 65 and equaled the record of Dejan Šaran’s pitch when we look at members of the BH golf clubs and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Samir Smajic played excellent golf for Sarajevo team for two days, but it was not enough for the brilliant GC Posušje team who knew what they wanted in all the playoffs. Their team was united and robust throughout the league and deserved to win the first place.
The members of GC Sarajevo did not take this significant competition seriously and without understanding the quality of GC Posušje entered the League of Bosnia and Herzegovina in golf and lost again or how to say in Sarajevo… “zijanili.”

GC Posušje team: Tiho Parlov, Mladen Mušura, Žarko Romić, Ivan Lončar, and Mario Perić were together in all the leagues in Posušje, Zavidovići, and Sarajevo, and each of these golfers contributed. Because of the game but also because of respect for the team and the tournament, these members of GC Posušje deserve to be the champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in golf.
Moreover, finally another curiosity, prizes were bestowed by well-known BH leader Dejan Kukric, who quite accidentally found himself in a golf restaurant in Sarajevo because there were no representatives of the Golf Association of BiH and neither the representative of Steering committee of the host GC Sarajevo.
In the end, we congratulate the members of GC Posušje for winning the title of the BiH team champion in golf, and we especially congratulate on the basic postulates of golf: solidarity, honesty, and respect brought to the golf courses in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the League of Bosnia and Herzegovina played in golf.
Let’s not forget to congratulate Mahir Kadrić on the result in the 6th round of the League of BiH because many golfers who played in Sarajevo does not boast the score below the “zero” on Sarajevo’s golf course and the result remained in the shadow of the magnificent victory of GC Posušje.