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International day of mountaineers

There are few who know that the International Day of the Mountaineers is celebrating on March 7th. The mountains offer countless pleasures to anyone who has the ability to spot them, experience them and bring them in their hearts.
A hiker, a climber, a researcher, a man eager for rest, recreation, natural beauty, wide views, the smell of flowers and forests, new experiences – all of these will find the pleasure in the mountains. Hiking is done by people of all ages and the most diverse professions, and everyone chooses the goals that suit their capabilities, abilities and other possibilities. Like the oceans and humid forests, mountains are essential for life, occupy about a fifth of the world’s land area, and make up the basic life support of even dozens of human populations. They contain rich resources of drinking water, energy and biodiversity.
On this day, like on many other, such as the International Mountain Day (December 11), the aim is to emphasize the need to protect sensitive mountain ecosystems, as well as to improve the lives of people in mountain communities.
We congratulate all our members and all mountaineers their day, and we wish them to reach many more mountain peaks, ” said Croatian Mountaineering Association Pločno Posušje.