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Jablanica’s days of Healthy Food, Herbs, and Beekeeping


Organized by the Association of Agricultural associations of Jablanica Municipality and under the sponsorship of the Jablanica Municipality, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of HNC, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Environmental Protection of HNC and the Tourist Board of HNC, today the mayor Salem Dedić has honored to opening of jubilee fair “Jablanica’s Days of Healthy Foods, Herbs and Beekeeping”.

This year’s fair, entitled “Healthy Food, the way to good health,” is open in the hall of the Jablanica’s Sports Center and brings together 37 exhibitors from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will last from 25.09.2018 to 26.09.2018.

The audience was addressed by mayor Salem Dedić, who expressed satisfaction how the fair is getting more and more interest both for exhibitors and visitors. Also, from year to year, noticed is enormous progress in the organization itself, the number of manufacturers and high quality of domestic products.
The Mayor has taken the opportunity to thank the organizers of the Fair: Agricultural Associations of Jablanica municipality, which consists of the Association of Women “Most”, the Association of Citizens “Poljoprivrednik” and Beekeeper Association “Bagram”, as well as sponsors: the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, tourism and environmental protection of HNC, and the Tourist Board HNC.
Mayor Dedić emphasized the excellent cooperation of the Jablanica Municipality with foreign non-governmental and governmental organizations such as HELP, GIZ, REDAH, and others. Mayor also mentioned the initiation of the project between organization NODAS and German HELP, which will in the Jablanica and Stolac municipalities implement the project worth of EUR 235,334.00 to support women who are engaged in food production and processing.

The letter of appreciation for the generous support to the development of agriculture and the organization of the fair was given to Mayor Salem Dedic, and to the Association of Agricultural associations for assistance in the development of agriculture as well as for helping to organize today’s fair. Appreciation letters were also awarded to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of HNC, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Environmental Protection of HNC and the Tourist Board of HNC, for the support and assistance in organizing this year’s fair. The Beekeeping association “Bagrem” Jablanica received the letter of thanks for the improvement and development of beekeeping in Jablanica.

Within the 10th jubilee fair, today the Association of Agricultural associations Jablanica in the motel “Maskumić” organized a roundtable on the topic “Presentation of the Rural Competitiveness Development Program for the Cluster K-2 covering the Jablanica Municipality”. For the second day of the fair at 1 pm, planned are the official announcements of the most successful exhibitors and awarding prizes. Agriculture is increasingly attracting the attention of producers whom each year widen their range of agricultural products, as well as customers who are aware of the value of domestic products, and the fair is an ideal venue for contacts between exhibitors as well as prospective customers and buyers of their products.

In the entertainment part of the program, the children’s and youth association “Galeb” Jablanica held the music show. On the second day of the fair, the most successful exhibitors were declared, and the prizes were awarded in the categories of milk and dairy products, the best ajvar, the best jam, liqueur, the best natural brandy, and honey. Sulejman Lapo from Konjic won the prize for the most prestigious booth. The booths offer a range of fruits and vegetable products, dairy products, honey, and honey-based products, various handicrafts that visitors can see. Booths are opened today, September 25 until 5 pm, and tomorrow September 26, until 4 pm, when the official closing of the fair takes place.