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Association of Fishermen “Ramske vode”

Vladimir Nevistić, Street kralja Tomislava bb, +387 63 477 940 Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime +387 63 477 940; +387 63 822 199;

With summer tourism Ramsko Lake is also great for sports fishing. In the area of Prozor-Rama municipality, there are about 80 members of the association of fishermen “Ramske vode”. All fishing areas are rich in fish and are regularly fish stocked. The access to the coast is ideal for fishermen who come not only from the area of BiH but also from the entire region. On Ramsko Lake are regularly organized fishing competitions – local, national and international.
“Ramske vode” performs water protection, takes care of the improvement of the fish stock, takes environmental protection measures, and through the Fish Guard service controls that recreational sports fishing takes place following prescribed regulations.

Vladimir Nevistić
Street kralja Tomislava bb
+387 63 477 940
+387 63 822 199

Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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