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Beekeeping Association “Iva”

Contact: Association of Beekeepers "Iva", Ivan Miličević, Broćanac b.b.- Posušje Broćanac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime +387 63 362 014

One of the more active associations in the area of Posušje municipality is the Association of beekeepers “Iva” with over 80 active members. The honey obtained, as members of the association say, is sold immediately at the doorstep, which is the best indicator of the quality itself.
Members of the association regularly attend various education and the association actively participates in the implementation of multiple projects both locally and at the regional level.

The Association of Beekeepers “Iva” Posušje, with the support of the Posušje Municipal Development Office and the Municipal Mayor, and in cooperation with the FARMA II project, for the purpose of beekeeping in the Posušje Municipality area, were included in the ‘Bee for the EU’ project. It will be co-funded by the US Agency for International Development USAID and the Swedish Government, with implementation support of Cardno Emerging Markets USA Ltd.
Implementation of this project will increase the technological capacities of beekeeping in Posušje, introducing into the practice the most modern technical beekeeping equipment, as well as the number of beekeeping hive for at least 600 new ones. Also, a number of new beekeeping products will be introduced in production.
The richness of a natural environment accompanied by a large number of herbs and ecologically preserved nature, with the great love of the beekeepers, is the best and the highest quality honey in this area.

Contact: Association of Beekeepers “Iva”, Ivan Miličević, Broćanac b.b.- Posušje; +387 63 362 014; +387 063 491 960;

Broćanac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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