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Cooperative “Provita”

Marija Beljo, Street Stjepana Radića bb, +387 63 928 102 Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ProVita is a cooperative producer of organic and traditional food, and was created as a result of the project “Improving the socio-economic position of women through co-operatives, applied by Women’s Association” Glas “Prozor-Rama. The project was approved by the Swiss Embassy, and Marija Beljo is today the director of the association. Within the cooperative, there are 15 women, one of whom is permanently employed. By repurchasing a hip rose, these hardworking women make a top quality jam from domestic, organic fruit.

Marija Beljo
Street Stjepana Radića bb
+387 63 928 102

Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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