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Golf courses – Golf club Posušje

Contact: Golf Club Posušje, Topala b.b. 88240 Posušje Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the youngest sports in Herzegovina is golf, and apart from a few individuals who are in love with this sport, little has had the opportunity to try this game over the last few years.
In Posušje, at the end of 2006, was founded the “Golf Club Posušje”, which is the second club of this kind in BiH, and immediately after that, a five-hole playground was built.

According to the words of the visitor, given the knowledge, conditions, and means available in the resort, they are more than satisfied with what has been done. One of the reasons for the visitor’s pleasure is to create an ambiance that is difficult to imagine in the rubble Herzegovina.
At the territory of the golf club, today there are golf courses, clubhouses, and the main course has been expanded from 6 to 9 holes. In the forthcoming period, the Golf Club Posušje aims to promote the club as well as provide free education for high school students in order to promote the sport better.

Contact: Golf Club Posušje, Topala b.b. 88240 Posušje, Bosna i Hercegovina, Ivan Lončar, email:, 38763443907,

Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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