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House of Peace – Šćit

The Priest Andrija Jozić (guardian), Šćit bb, +387 36 780 678 Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime +387 36 780 678

Nothing is perfect in this world, but the landscape and scenes that can be seen in Šćit are unusual and leaves everybody breathless. The symbiosis of nature and architecture leaves visitors, photographers, passers-by, tourists, and believers, breathless. The House of Peace is located in the area of the Franciscan monastery. Next to the House of Peace is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It offers accommodation in 23 rooms with 50 beds.

All rooms have an enchanting view of the Ramsko Lake as well as symbolic monuments located in this area. There is a possibility to use the restaurant and the hall for the organization of workshops and conferences. What is particularly fascinating is the Ethnographic Museum that depicts the history of the Rama’s region: how people once lived, what they were doing, how their old houses looked like and how they lived in them.

The Priest Andrija Jozić (guardian)
Šćit bb
+387 36 780 678,

Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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