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Mountain Rescue Service Jablanica

GSS stanica Jablanica je samostalno, neprofitabilno udruženje i djeluje na području Kantona/Županije Hercegovačko-neretvanske. Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime tel: 036/752-214, mob: 061/043-241

Mountain Rescue Service Jablanica was established at the Assembly held on 01.03.2012 in Jablanica, and named” Mountain Rescue Service” Association of Jablanica Station.
The abbreviation is:»GSS» – Station Jablanica.
Mountain Rescue Service Jablanica is an independent, non-profit association, and operates in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

The program objectives of Jablanica Station are to make hiking and every recreational stay of people in nature safer. All aspects of mountain rescue (mountaineers, rural populations, high mountain workers, foreign and domestic tourists, etc.), other inaccessible areas as well as a rescue in emergency circumstances, preventive action to raise the overall level of mountaineering safety as well as all aspects of nature and environment protection.

GSS Jablanica is a voluntary association that actively works to protect human and material assets and provides assistance to people in various troubles and situations. They are always available, and their work has been rewarded many times and recognized by world organizations.

Contact: Sabahudin Spahović,
Omladinsko šetalište,
tel: 036/752-214,
mob: 061/043-241,

Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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