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Mountaineering Association “Plasa”

Kontakt: Jusuf Omerović, Željeznička bb, 061/387-925 Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime 061/387-925

The “Plasa” Mountaineering Association Jablanica was established in 2005 and has about 60 members. This association in its possession also has a mountain hut “Plasa” on the mountain of Čvrsnica, a locality of Plasa, which provides a pleasant accommodation for all nature lovers and hikers.

“Plasa” is actively involved in the maintenance of the mountain hiking trail at Čvrsnica, and are available for tourists and groups who intend to visit this beautiful mountain.

Contact: Jusuf Omerović, Željeznička bb,

Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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