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Mountaineering Ski Touring Association “Vilinac”

Sabahudin Spahović, Street Omladinsko šetalište, tel: 036/752-214 Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime tel: 036/752-214, mob: 061/043-241

Vilinac Mountaineering Association from Jablanica was founded on 3.9. 1950 in the village Doljani, and it was created with the assistance of the BiH Mountain Association. The first president was Osman Hrvić.

The Association immediately got to manage and maintain the mounting hut on Vilinac, which was built the same year after the fire in 1949, and for which establishment were responsible members of the Association.
In Jablanica, in December 1950, Mountaineering Association Čvrsnica was established, an in 1961 these two Associations merge under name Vilinac, headquartered in Jablanica. In 1977 a lime roof was placed on the house. At the assembly held in May 1974, the Associations receives Ski Touring award thanks to the activities in this form of work and the natural conditions in which it conducts its business.

From 1968 to 1991, the Association organized summer and winter holidays for children of school age in Vitlenica and Risovac. In addition to the hut at Vilinac (1961 MASL), the Association also owned a mountaineering hut in Risovac (1280 MASL) built with the help of H.E. Jablanica and working people and citizens of Jablanica.

Sabahudin Spahović, Street Omladinsko šetalište,
tel: 036/752-214,
mob: 061/043-241,

Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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