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“Posuško lito” (Posušje’s summer event)

Contact: "Posuško lito"; Municipality Posušje i Church, Ivana Arapović Galić Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime +387 39 685 701

“Posuško lito” is an event that takes place from 24.06. until 02.09. each year in Posušje municipality. This event encompasses a series of cultural, entertainment, traditional and religious events organized in that municipality. Various associations, sports clubs, cultural-artistic associations and numerous citizens participate in the events, and “Posuško lito” covers about 30 different events during this period for all ages.

“Posuško lito” event was first organized in 2005, and since then it has been traditionally held every summer, and in the last four years, the crown of this event is the Festival of Klapa Music.
The folklore, the night of Ikavian accent and other events of “Posuško lito” contribute to the preservation of the culture and traditions of the region, and due to the richness and variety of different contents, “Posuško lito” attracts a large number of tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Contact: “Posuško lito”; Municipality Posušje i Church, Ivana Arapović Galić, Fra Grge Martića 30, Posušje; +387 039 685 701;

Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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