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Idealno je odmorište za sve ljubitelje prirode i zaljubljenike u jezerski turizam. Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The sports recreation center “Veselica” is an ideal retreat for all nature lovers and lovers of lake tourism. Namely, this holiday resort was built on wild landfill site, and Mile Beljo, along with enthusiasts, through the project “From landfill to the resort” cleaned all that waste, helped nature recover and built “VESELICA”.

In addition to offering a boat ride through the beautiful Ramsko lake, these enthusiasts are now producing and selling honey, fish, meat products, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and juices, medicinal herbs and teas, dairy products as well as fruit and vegetable products. So, for tourists, it’s an ideal place because they can taste the best homemade local products, with the sunset on Ramsko Lake.

Mile Beljo
Mluša 23
+387 63 642 637
+387 63 171 780

Prozor-Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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