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The Scout “Jablan” Jablanica

Contact: The Scout "JABLAN", Jablanica, Bosanska 2/6 Jablanica Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call us anytime 061 371 583

The JABLAN Scout is an independent voluntary, non-political, non-governmental and educational organization for young people, open to all, regardless of their origin, race, religion and national affiliation.

“Jablan” was established in 1963 under the name of Jablanica’s “Pero Bilić” scout, and at the Renewal Assembly in 1995, the name was changed to “JABLAN” Scout Center. It was extinguished in 1996, and at the assembly on 10/1/2014 it became active again. It is based on the tradition of the predecessor, and also accepts all of its rights and obligations.
Jablanica’s “Jablan” Scout since its founding in 2014 is working to preserve, protect and improve the environment, and to promote the tourism potential of Jablanica.

Contact: Odred izviđača “JABLAN”, Jablanica,
Bosanska 2/6 Jablanica;
leader Branislav Manigoda,
GSM 061 371 583;

Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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