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Marked 75th Anniversary of battle at Nerettva

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, the memorial complex “Battle for the Wounded on Neretva” in Jablanica, several thousand gathered citizens and antifascists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring countries, marked the 75th anniversary of the famous “Battle of Neretva”./ The celebration began with the manifestation “Flower for the Wounded” by lowering 75 carnations in Neretva, and then at 12.00, the ceremony of laying wreaths in the eternal fire began. Wreaths were laid: Alliance of anti-fascists and fighters of the People’s Liberation War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SABNOR BiH), Municpality of Jablanica, Vice President of the Federation BiH Milan Dunović, a delegation of Ministry For Issues Of The Veterans and Disabled Veterans Of The Defensive-Liberation War FBiH, Association of anti-fascist veterans and anti-fascists from the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Slovenia, Republic board of SUBNOR of Montenegro, Scout group “Jablan” Jablanica, UABNOR Mostar, SUBNOR Zenica, Kakanj, Konjic, Tuzla, Bihac, Cazin, B. Krupa … and political party delegations.

At 12.45 at the Ceremonial Academy, the participants were addressed on behalf of the host and organizer of the manifestation by Assistant Mayor Šaćir Buturović, President of SABNOR BiH Dr. Bakir Nakaš, Milan Dunović Vice President of FBiH, Vujadin Šaranović in front of SUBNOR of Montenegro, Franko Pleško in front of the anti-fascists of Slovenia, in the name of the delegation of anti-fascists and veterans of the NOR from Croatia, the president of the Coordination of County Organizations of the Antifascists of Dalmatia, Hrvoje Mimica from Omiš, a member of the Second Dalmatian Proletarian Strike Brigade, KS Ministry For Issues Of The Veterans Muharem Fišo, Ćamil Cero, director of the JU Museum “The Battle for the Wounded on Neretva ” to whom SABNOR Jablanica assigned a thank-you note to help youth education and long-term assistance in organizing meetings and cooperation.

In the cultural and artistic part of the program, performance was held by: FA “Neretva” Jablanica, KUD “Friends” Jablanica, Guitar School “Galeb”, Tamara Pavličević, an opera singer from Montenegro, and Miki Trifunov artist from Sarajevo.

Source: (official website of Jablanica Municipality)