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Mountaineers from Zagreb thrilled by the mountains of Rama area

Last weekend The Croatian Mountaineering Association “Rama” hosted The Croatian Mountaineering Association “Zagreb-Matica” from Zagreb. Society from Zagreb every year organizes a hiking school for its members. Within school mountain excursions are also indispensable.

For the final four-day trip, Rama was elected. About fifty hikers from Zagreb left in the morning to Tijelovo towards Rama. During the trip they visited Jajce, Pliva Waterfall and the Franciscan monastery in Jajce.
In the afternoon they arrived at Šćit where they were welcomed by hosts of The Croatian Mountaineering Association “Rama” (president and secretary) and the priest Andrija Jozić. They were accommodated in the rooms of House of Peace.

The first day according to the plan of the Mountaineering school was a climb to Raduša (Idovac 1956mnm). After breakfast, they took the bus to Zahum. Hiking started from Diva Grabovica house, macadam road almost to the very peak. Throughout the whole trail, the mountaineers enjoyed the views of Ljubuša, Vran, and Čvrsnica in the distance. Every new step opened up a better and more beautiful view of the Rama Lake. Although the weather at the beginning of the climb was very nice, at the peak of the mountain there was freezing rain, wind, and thunderstorm. Change in the weather did not disrupt the plans of the hike, they were all happy and delighted. At the very top, the climbers took a few photographs together. After returning from Idovac, they headed towards viewpoint “Umna glava” where they had an enchanting view of Rama Lake. The hikers could not hide their enthusiasm for the view. While returning to Šćit they went to Caffe Restaurant “Mediteran” where they refreshed with a cold beer.

The second day of the trip was reserved for the climb to Veliki Vran. After breakfast, today’s tour started from Šćit, via Tomislavgrad to Blidinje, where the starting point of the trail towards Veliki Vran is. The trail is quite steep but pleasant and marked, it offers many curiosities like the karst caves. After three hours of walking, the mountaineers climbed to Veliki Vran (2074mnm) where they enjoyed a fantastic view of the three surrounding lakes: Rama, Buško, and Blidinje. To a large number of mountaineers this was the first climb over 2000 meters. After the climb, there was a refreshment at the hotel “Hajdučke vrleti”. When they returned to Rama, they visited Blidinje Lake, where some of them even went for a swim.
On the last day of the hike, the mountaineers enjoyed the beauties of Rama Lake, where they sailed the raft, swam and looked at the Museum of the Franciscan Monastery and the Gallery.
Most of the guests were in Rama for the first time, although they visited many mountains in Croatia and Europe, they were delighted by the beautiful Rama landscape, the lake, and the mountains.
This visit began the cooperation of The Croatian Mountaineering Association “Rama” and The Croatian Mountaineering Association “Zagreb-Matica” (the largest mountain society in Croatia), which in the future will result in the strengthening of joint activities, organized mountain excursions, and meetings.
The Croatian Mountaineering Association „Rama“ once again showed how to be the largest promoter of Rama and its mountains.

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