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Nature knows no waste

Posušje municipality participates in the ecological campaign “Nature knows no waste“

Today, in the area of Blidinje Nature Park, a successful ecological campaign “Nature knows no waste” has been organized by Posušje Municipality. Today’s activities are part of a joint project of municipalities Posušje, Jablanica, and Tomislavgrad, which is being carried out in cooperation with the German Development Agency Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). As part of today’s activities, 130 students of Primary School Ivan Mažuranić Posušje, accompanied by teachers and principal, participated in collecting waste in the Masna Luka area.
This campaign had an educational character so that all students were introduced with the need for environmental protection, proper waste management, and behavioral rules during their stay in nature and in the mountains. As part of a full-day workshop, a knowledge quiz was organized to encourage learners to interact with new skills and knowledge. At the end, lunch was organized for all participants of the ecological campaign. We would like to thank our police officers and medical workers who took care of the safety of all participants throughout the day.


Blidinje has a waste problem … and now it’s time to start dealing with it!

Blidinje Nature Park is not a garbage place, here nature is at home. We are happy to have a wonderful landscape, many plants, and animals, a unique mountain panorama at your fingertips! This area inhabits endemic species that are not present in other places in the world. For thousands of years, people have left marks in this area. However, there is more and more garbage, from lightly discarded plastic bottles or packs of chocolate, cigarettes butts, to solid waste that left after the renovation of the facility. All this destroys the landscape.
However, we will not do anything if we just talk and complain. We, who live today, need to act to protect this unique natural and cultural heritage and responsibly hand it over to upcoming generations. Therefore, the local communities of Tomislavgrad, Posušje, and Jablanica have joined forces to solve the problem of garbage in Blidinje Nature Park. Joint action begins with few months long ecological campaigns starting on June 4, 2018. when the municipalities of Jablanica, Posušje, and Tomislavgrad will prepare and spend one-day activities with the aim of collecting waste and preventing further contamination.

Activities will be of an educational character, in cooperation with mountain, speleological and ornithological associations, and all other associations of nature lovers and protectors of ecology. By organizing professional conferences, the emphasis will be put on the importance of environmental protection and waste care in one protected area, and the impact of new positive decisions on these issues at all levels of government.
Did you know that our descendants would find a plastic bottle after 500 years, which we used for a few minutes and then threw it away easily? Do you know that chewing gum can be deadly to animals even after 5 years when it begins to break down? Do you have in mind that when you throw cigarettes you can cause devastating forest fires and also that it contain hundreds of toxic chemicals for killing animals, birds, and insects?