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Promotion of Jablanica Lake and creation of a new tourist product

The implementation of activities within the project “Promotion of Jablanica Lake and creation of a new tourist product” is a continuation of the traditional project School of Canoes, which is being implemented by the Youth Club “Pod istim suncem” Jablanica. This year, in addition to training classes for Jablanica’s youth, new, additional content has been introduced. Namely, the youth from Slatina, members of the “Budi muško” club from Jablanica and the youth club volunteers, cleaned the beach and the coastal belt in Slatina.

Also, activities were carried out on the arrangement of the beach and the setting up of slides on the beach. In partnership with the representatives of local community Ostrožac and the locals of this area, we worked on the arrangement of the beach “Pod vilom” in Ostrožac. We had “pilot” activities to create a new tourism offer on Jablanica Lake. Namely, we offered a canoe training service for interested parties, the team building for companies as well as rental of equipment and canoes. During the season, we had several groups, and we plan to introduce these services for the following year as a seasonal activity of OKPIS with a pre-designed business plan.