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Rowers from Zagreb are preparing on Rama Lake

Here are excellent conditions for conducting training, from beginners to top rowers. On Rama Lake, the Olympic medal is minted.

More than four years ago, the municipality of Prozor-Rama entered the project of Cross-border cooperation with the town Vrlika from the Republic of Croatia. This project is focused on the development of lake tourism, that is, the development of rowing sport called “From lake to lake”.

The Municipality of Prozor-Rama successfully implemented its part of the project. The rowing center was built in Šćit, and Rowing Club “Rama” was formed. The Rowing Club is the only one in BiH and is competing in the Republic of Croatia as well. The continuation of the project will be realized through the construction of a hostel for rowers, as well as those who would like to try rowing.
The successfulness of the project and the need for further development is proven by the constant interest of rowers from Croatia and other countries. It is important to remind ourselves that Damir Martin, a Croatian Olympic, is regularly preparing at Rama Lake.
This is enabled thanks to the former representative of the Croatian rowing team, Srećko Šuka, who discovered Rama and Rama Lake during one pilgrimage. Of course, the most important factor is the municipality of Prozor-Rama, which got actively involved in the project and applied with the partners towards the EU.
These days we ran into rowers from two Zagreb clubs, Croatia and Zagreb, preparing for the Croatian championship. The preparations there are cadets, juniors, with coaches 50 rowers.


We talked to trainers about preparations and conditions on Rama Lake.

Boris Martin, father of Olympian Damir Martin, assistant coach at Rowing club “Croatia”, trains younger, told Ramski Vjesnik: It is great here, wonderful, exactly what young rowers need to get their first knowledge. The big area of the lake and catamaran tracking are great for rowers. This is already the fifth season of coming to Rama Lake. Usually, we come to camp in August. As the Zagreb State Championship moved two months earlier, we came earlier to prepare for the Croatian Championship on Jarun. Our coach that trains Damir Martin, during a pilgrimage from 17 to 18 with a church from Trnja, from Zagreb, saw these opportunities. Here are the finest conditions to do a training, from beginner to top rower. An Olympic medal was minted on Rama Lake. What the rowers need is pontoon,hangar, sleeping on 200-300 meters and  calm water. Here we have everything, all that is needed is the possibility for a bigger contingent of rowers. – said Boris Martin about Rama Lake and their preparations.

Josip Milić, head coach of Rowing club “Zagreb”, started coming to Rama four years ago, mainly as a professional help in organizing Rowing club “Rama”, invited by Srećko Šuka. Milić is tied to Rama with his emotions, but also his origin from Livno.

After receiving pontoons and boats, we started, under the leadership of Srećko Šuka, with Filip Šimunović and me, work with young rowers. One time we reached a figure of 50 young rower activists. In 2014 I was a coach for children who are still rowing to this day so I’m tied to both Rama and the club. Rama is an ideal place to prepare for the Croatian Championship. Here preparing we have cadets, juniors, and this will be the most important regatta in the season. Therefore, good preparations are mandatory and the best place for it is Rama. We are staying here until July 1, 2018. Last year we prepared in another destination, and this year, thank  God, the water level is high so that the conditions are ideal. We are not afraid of rain or wind. The location where we are sleeping, in the House of Peace, is a few steps away. On both sides of Šćit we have pontoons so we can always train. Here we also have the peace we need. The stay at Rama Lake is simply enjoyment. – said Josip Milić, head coach of Rowing club “Zagreb” for Ramski Vjesnik.

To rowers and their trainers, we want successful preparations and even more successful competition. Amongst them, there could be some rowers from Rama. We believe that the Municipality of Prozor-Rama will implement the project of building hostels for rowers and thus attract more rowers and tourists.

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