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The 13th Festival of Croatian Original Folklore with the performance of Slavonske Lole (band) was held

“Silo na ognjištu”, the 13th annual folklore festival organized by the local society – the Croatian Cultural and Art Association “Fra Petar Bakula” was held this Saturday in front of a large audience in the sports hall in Posušje.
There were 6 guests from Arts and Culture Associations: HKUD “Hutovo” from Hutova, KUD “Elizabeta” from Jalžabet near Varaždin, HKUD “Dicmo” from Dicma, HKUD “Dubrave” from Aladinić, HKUD “Hercegovac” from Siroki Brijeg, HKPD “Matija Gubec ” from Tavankut from Vojvodina and domestic HKUD “Fra Petar Bakula” from Posusje.
“I think that we managed to bring different traditional customs and costumes to the local audience, and in that way showed them the tradition of the different areas in which the Croats live”, said Gabrijela Širić, President of the HKUD “Fra Petar Bakula” from Posušje.

Unfortunately, the rain did not allow the event to be held on the Croatian War Veterans’ Square. So far, for the third year in a row due to bad weather, the special event could not be held on the Croatian War Veterans’ Square. However, the event’s attendance was still high. The audience was entertained by Slavonske Lole (band), who were delighted by their performances, as well as tamburitza versions of some Herzegovinian songs.
All representatives in the premises of the municipality of Posušje, were hosted by the Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Branko Bago. The Mayor thanked all the guests for their arrival and participation and congratulated our guests on their successful organization and perseverance of Croatian traditional customs in Posušje. This event takes place during “Posuško lito / Summer in Posušje” manifestation and under the sponsorship of the Posušje municipality.