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The biggest gathering of mountaineers in the region was held at Blidinje

In the organization of the Croatian Mountaineering Associations “Pločno” from Posušje and “Malačka” from Kastel Starog, 19th Memorial gathering of the Mountaineers “Ivica Plazonić” was held as part of the cultural and entertaining and sport manifestation “Posuško lito / Summer in Posušje”. The occasion is the anniversary of the death of mountaineer Ivica Plazonic, a member of HPD Malačka from Kaštela, who suddenly died in July 1999, climbing to a mountain peak of 2228m on Čvrsnica. To his memory, at the place of death, fellow mountaineers set up a memorial plaque, and every year, the third weekend in July, a memorable march is organized. The memorial turned into the largest gathering of mountaineers in the region. In addition to mountaineers, this gathering attracts nature lovers and numerous guests who enjoy camping and socializing.

Mountaineers from various parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia arrived on Friday, some even earlier. In the evening they were socializing. On Saturday morning, the hike started. They were climbing mountain peaks of Čvrsnica and Vran: Pločno 2228m, Veliki Vilinac 2118m, Hajdučka vrata 2000m, Veliki Vran 2076m. In the afternoon, there was a competition in old sports, burning campfires and giving thanks to the Associations. On Sunday at 10 am, the crowd attended the Holy Mass in the church of St. Ilija in the Masna Luka, led by Priest Ante Marić together with the Priest Petar Krasić. After the Mass, lunch, packing, and return to the home followed.