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The first “Rama half marathon”

With excellent promotion in the tourist sense, this is also an excellent promotion of Rama as a host.
Organized by the Association “Rama in the Heart”, yesterday, the first Rama Half Marathon was held, attended by competitors from nine European countries. The winner of the 1st Rama Half Marathon is Grego Laszlo with time 1:08:51.

Best in the women’s competition were Hungarian Zita Kacser with time 1:19:32 and Pap Scilla, with time 1:23:26. The best competitors from BiH were Srđan Samardžić and Ali Imamović who won the second and third places. As part of this half-marathon, a children’s race was held in which about fifty children were sorted by age groups.

The Rama Half Marathon race has the AIMS certificate for trail 21,097.5m long, and it is conceived as the fastest half marathon in BiH and the region starting at 800 meters above sea level, after which it slowly descends 17 km, followed by a slight climb of 400 meters followed by the flat part of the race with a finish on Šćit peninsula. In addition to speed, the trail is characterized by the most beautiful view of the Rama Lake.
The first Rama’s Half Marathon is a historical event for Rama’s sports. The organizers made every effort to have it all done well, and they could only hear the praise. With excellent promotion in a tourist sense, this is also a great promotion of Rama as a host. The organization and maintenance of the first Rama’s half marathon have been contributed by numerous sponsors, volunteers and the police who had a demanding task, which worked perfectly. Congratulations to the organizers on the idea and implementation of this demanding project!
Photos: Franjo Iličić, Ante Beljo, Damir Mišura, Mario Beljo, Association for local development (Jelena Ćališ i Mateja Novaković)