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The Hill, „Pesti Brdo“ (Čvsnica), October 14, 2018

Hidden and mysterious, Pešti Brdo, is the top of 2039 meters above sea level. It is hidden in the longest southeastern part of Čvrsnica, so secret that is is rarely included in peak winning trails, the orientation is hampered, distance large, and has a lot of ups and downs.

The four members of the team, choose to hike difficult trail towards Pešti Brdo, from Vitlenice, or from the diametrically opposed northwestern part of Čvrsnica, all in line with the recent tour, a physically highly able mountaineering team from Vitez and Novi Travnik. We started earlier, at 6 am under the lamps through forest Muvarnica. At the exit from the woods, we made a break for the morning coffee from our thermos, after which we got to the house at Vilinac at a rapid pace and started to descend to Pešti Brdo. Here we get off the trail, and fast pace, and drastically descended to the karst area “Dol,” from where we move sharply to “Kulidžanov stan” and further to the magical “Ledeno” lake at 1,800 meters, hidden deep in the rocks of Pešti Brdo.

After the supply of cold water and a difficult climb, we arrive at the ridge in the part of the “Zelene glavice,” from where we continue hiking several smaller peaks, and finally, after 7 hours of an intense walk, we come to the top of the Pešti Brdo. The team was thrilled even though they were surprised by the difficulty of the road and the pain they have put to reach this position. Realizing how small, helpless and vulnerable we are in this lovely nature, we can only pray that the return way will not be a problem.
Moreover, it passed. The return was challenging, and on the northern slopes of Vilinac there was darkness, so we had to walk an hour and a half under the lamps. After 14 hours of walking, we returned to Vitelnica at 8 pm. In the end, the trail was 31 kilometers long and almost 2000 meters uphill.