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The night of Ikavian accent in Posušje

Guardians of Traditional Expression: The night of Ikavian accent in Posušje

The fourth Night of Ikavian accent was held as a part of “Posuško lito / Summer in Posušje event”, organized by the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak – Subsidiary Posušje and the Posušje municipality. During the evening, visitors had the opportunity to hear the recitations of the songs in the Ikavian accent that were selected in the competition by Association Napredak. Thus, the following were presented: “Ikavocom se ponosi” by Ivan Polić; “Moj zavičaj” by Luka Budimir; “Srce bira, ne mater i ćaća” by Božana Pandža; “Didovina” by Sandra Karamatić; “Noću” By Josip Polić; “Mali Iko i pratar i velik čikolada” by Marina Alerić-Bebić; “Zbogon, grade moj” by Anotina Mandurić; “Čobanice” by Miljenko Koštro and “Rivacki glas u vrimenu” by Sanja Đerek. “Vale i male (Big and small)” is the performance of Željka Galić, which was performed in the continuation of the program, and it received a thundering ovation, Anka Galić, Ana Srebrović, Tomislav Jukić and Jozo Kolobarić.

This play in four acts was adapted by prof. Jasminka Petric, and he was presenting to the attendees how our old people were having fun in long winter nights. In the end, a reward was given to the participants. It should be noted that as part of this event, an exhibition of painting motifs created under the mentorship of Martina Tomić, academic painter and Srećko Slišković as part of this year’s Kamendan was also set.