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Tribistovo Lake

Tribistovo Lake is located at an altitude of about 900 meters, and from the center of Posušje is 8 kilometers away.
This lake was created as a reservoir of drinking water for the needs of Posušje Municipality in 1989. It is located between Posušje and Rakitno, on the way towards the Blidinje ski resort.

Its length is approximately 500m, with approximately 300m, while the maximum depth is around 15m at the deepest areas. Water oscillations are dependent on the summer dry season, and in the lake were introduced carp, California trout, crucian carp, and chub. It is a genuine pearl of the Posušje region, a source of natural beauty and pure water.

Next to the lake, there is a swimming resort, a real paradise for tourists. Visitors can enjoy the clean mountain water and the air, while the youngest population, besides the beach can enjoy in the playground and various entertainment facilities.