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World Water Day marked

By climbing the Ružićki potok and Oštrc mountain peaks, the World Water Day is marked

The World Water Day warns us of the importance of water and nature protection, and for our mountaineers it is a good reason to encourage the community, and especially the youth, to strive for preservation, both of nature and water. In our the karst region there is not much water, nor a lot of pearls of nature such as the ” – Ruzički potok” stream, whose drinking water comes to many homes around Posušje area and beyond.

Significant amounts of snow and ice on Oštrc, as well as not very nice weather, did not intrigue our determination to mark this day by climbing to Oštrc, along with the stream of Ružićki Potok, which honored us with the fantastic scenes of waterfalls in snow and ice. This year, the team was led by attendees of the general mountaineering school who demonstrated true mountaineering determination, adaptability and willingness to sacrifice, because, although poorly equipped, wet and flippy feet, they did this climb on snow ice and mud. Knowing the importance the water and nature, as well as the fact that the mountain Oštrc joins our municipalities, this year, our mountaineers from Tomislavgrad joined us. Several hikers from Gruda and Široki Brijeg also joined this hike, and when we came down from the mountain, they all enjoyed the gathering around the fire and the barbecue in “Šimić pećina.”