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Youth Summer Camp 2018

The Youth Club organized the Summer camp for 20 young people on Jablanica Lake, as one of the activities in the Jablanica summer of 2018.
The goal of the project was to contribute to the development of active participation and volunteerism in the community by promoting intercultural dialogue among young people through learning about others, by eliminating gender stereotypes and using modern technologies and forms of expression as a prerequisite for reducing negative behavior and discrimination in interaction.
All activities and workshops required the active participation of young people in the creation and implementation, using different methods such as individual work, teamwork, lectures, simulations, sports, and social activities, presentations, and others.

Participants with the support of the project team created the content and program before the camp started.
In four days, from August 27 to August 30, the youth have improved their knowledge of volunteerism and community activism, gender equality, stereotypes, prejudices, xenophobia, and discrimination. Besides, they have created video and photo materials, as well as messages that will be used in an online campaign initiated after the camp, and lasting until the end of the year.